HIV self-test


General Corona instructions for the issue of HIV self-tests 

You can get the HIV self-test at our door or do it yourself on our premises.

You can visit us if you do not currently have any Corona-typical complaints (no sore throat, cough, fever, feeling weak or shortness of breath).

Because of Corona, we have hygiene rules:

  • A mouth-nose mask must be worn indoors. Disposable masks are available from us free of charge.
  • Hand disinfection is required at the entrance.
  • Distance rules apply throughout the house, the number of people is limited.

Please register if you would like to come to us for counselling or for an accompanied HIV self-test): 0551 43735

We are happy to be there for you and look forward to your visit!

We no longer need to collect contact details from visitors.

All consultations and self-tests are again anonymous.

You want to be sure about your own HIV status?

You can get the HIV self-test during opening hours at our counselling centre. The cost is 20.00 euros, for people with a refugee or migration background the test is free. We ask for advance notification: 0551 43735 /

You can take the test with you or do it yourself on our premises.

  • We are happy to help clarify whether there was a concrete risk of infection.
  • We have many years of counselling experience and guarantee confidentiality.
  • We are open to your questions.
  • We are happy to advise on transmission routes and protection options.

In order to be able to clarify a certain HIV risk situation with the HIV self-test, a period of 3 months must have passed since then. A negative test result then provides reliable information that no HIV infection took place in the situation in question.

It is also important to know: A reactive test result does not allow a statement to be made as to whether an HIV infection actually exists. To clarify this beyond doubt, a laboratory test is necessary.

We offer the accompanied HIV self-test with the kind support of MSD SHARP & DOHME GMBH.

HIV laboratory test at the health office

Gesundheitsamt für Stadt und Landkreis Göttingen, Theaterplatz 4, 37073 Göttingen

Due to the Corona crisis, no HIV laboratory tests are available at the Health Department until further notice. The following information on testing services at the Health Department is therefore currently not valid:

A free and anonymous HIV laboratory test is available at the Göttingen Health Office.

The HIV consultation hours of the Health Department for the City and District of Göttingen, Theaterplatz 4:

  • Tuesday, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    Thursday, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

No registration is necessary. A counselling session can also be taken as part of the test. For the HIV test, some blood is taken and sent to the laboratory. The test result can be collected in person one week later.

The HIV laboratory test provides - earlier than the HIV rapid test - a reliable result as early as 6 weeks after a risk situation as to whether a person has contracted HIV or not. An immune system needs a maximum of six weeks to form antibodies against the HIV virus (if an infection has occurred), and the HIV test looks for this possible immune reaction.

The test result provides a reliable statement as to whether a person was infected with HIV 6 weeks ago (= HIV-positive) or not ( = HIV-negative).