Living with HIV

3 Freunde stehen nebeneinander, sich gegenseitig in den Armen haltend.

A positive HIV test result is initially a shock for most people. Many people are afraid of becoming sick and of dying. It's hard to imagine how life will go on. Hopes for a happy relationship, a sex life and, perhaps, children can suddenly seem impossible.

If you currently find yourself in this situation, you've come to the right place. We offer information about what it means to live with HIV today and where you can find support.

The most important thing first: your life is most definitely not over! On the contrary, you can continue to live as you have in many respects. Almost all possibilities still remain open to you.

Today, effective treatment makes it possible for many HIV-positive people to lead an almost entirely normal life and prevents them from becoming ill with AIDS. If you have become infected in recent years, your life expectancy is hardly shorter than other people’s.

What will change?

Of course, some things in your life will change due to HIV. Regular medical check ups are necessary, and at some point you will need to start to take HIV treatment. You will probably also ask yourself whom you will want or need to tell about your HIV status. It will not always be easy to live with HIV. But these challenges can be met.

You are not alone in facing them. There are many self-help groups  in Germany where you can meet other people with HIV. The counselors at the AIDS service organizations will also be there to support you, if you wish. Last, but not least, having a good relationship with your HIV doctor can also provide a great deal of support.